Wheaton Serum Bottles and Vials

Amber colored serum bottles with excellent wall strength

Brand: Wheaton Science Products
    Model # Price Quantity
45371 Wheaton Serum Bottles and Vials $187.20
06-406A SERUM BOTTLE 2ML 288/CS $187.20
06-406C SERUM BOTTLE 5-6ML 288/CS $199.12
06-406D SERUM BOTTLE 10ML 288/CS $284.19
06-406H SERUM BOTTLE 60ML 144/CS $293.56
06-406E SERUM BOTTLE 20ML 288/CS $347.19
06-402A 5ML AMBER SERUM BOTTLE 288/CS $358.19
06-402B 10ML AMBER SERUM BOTTLE 288/CS $396.93
06-406J SERUM BOTTLE 100ML 144/CS $412.59
06-406F SERUM BOTTLE 30ML 288/CS $419.24
06-402C 20ML AMBER SERUM BOTTLE 288/CS $449.79
06-402F 100ML AMBR SERUM BOTTLE 144/CS $523.23
06-406G SERUM BOTTLE 50ML 288/CS $536.62
06-402D 30ML AMBER SERUM BOTTLE 288/CS $550.94
06-406K SERUM BOTTLE 125ML 144/CS $580.41
06-402E 50ML AMBER SERUM BOTTLE 288/CS $701.68

Wheaton serum bottles and vials are made of amber colored Type I borosilicate glass. These lab bottles have superior heat and chemical tolerances along with exceptional wall strength.

Wheaton Serum Bottles and Vials Features:

  • Made of amber colored Type I borosilicate glass
  • Clear borosilicate glass meets USP Type 1 requirements
  • Shrink wrapped partitioned modules reduce breakage
  • Are ideal for both, long and short-term sample storage and vaccine/injectable drug containers.
  • Type I glass is compliant with the requirements for Class A of the United States Pharmacopeia