Vials and Accessories

Lab Supply Outlaws carries a large selection of vials and accessories including EPA vials, sample and auto-sampler vials. Vials are small containers able to store small sample and amounts of chemicals for storage or part of research and experimentation. Each of our groups stores these samples for a specific process or experiment procedure.

The auto-sampler vials are vials that are used in the auto-sampler medicine that can quickly feed samples to be tested speeding up the research process and getting broad reading of results. Sampler vials also allow researchers to view and analyses samples.

EPA vials are they are used in a specific research to test water and other environmental samples. EPA is standardized testing for this research and the EPA vials are the supplies necessary to carry out the research. 

Scintillation vials provides the necessary vials for this testing process.  The vials are placed in a scintillation counter that sends light protons through a sample to measure radiation levels in the sample.

Vial accessories are a range of supporting devices and trays to hold the vials as well as spare covers and color coders to go round the rim of the vial for organization purposes.

We carry other products also from leading lab suppliers and brands such as Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We aim to meet your lab needs regardless of size, budget, or industry. At Lab Supply Outlaws, we make it easy for you to equip your lab or office by purchasing lab equipment online. Lab Supply Outlaws are committed to supplying the best range of  products for all your lab needs. Questions about equipment, brands or products? Ask our lab supply experts.