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LabSupplyOutlaws.com Shipping and Return Policy


Chemicals: Additional Shipping & Delivery Charges
Hazardous Materials (Hazmat): Some chemicals are Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) which require special shipping by our common carrier FedEx. By law, hazmat fees will be added to your order for all hazardous chemicals and related laboratory products. Hazmat fees from FedEx are $32.00. Hazmat chemicals and related laboratory products can only be shipped via Ground and not Air (2nd day, Overnight, etc.).
Poison Packs: Some chemicals require poison pack designation. By law, poison pack chemicals require special packaging before they are shipped by our common carrier. Poison pack fees are $20.00. Poison pack chemicals can only be shipped via Ground and not Air (2nd day, Overnight, etc.).


LabSupplyOutlaws.com is committed to providing the best customer service and to make sure you are satisfied with the online experience and order fulfillment on the lab products you order whether it be Latex Gloves, Petri Dishes, Agar Plates, Beakers, Disinfectant Cleaners, Vials, and Tubes.

LabSupplyOutlaws.com represents the top suppliers in the lab industry- Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We serve a broad range of labs including science, medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical labs. We are confident that our lab supplies and lab equipment can meet your labs specific need.

Return orders MUST be authorized by LabSupplyOutlaws.com. Please contact Customer Service for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. RMA numbers are effective for 30 days from the date of issuance. Please label any broken product submitted for repair or analysis as such.

Any used item must have a decontamination certificate completed and faxed to Customer Service before an RMA will be issued. LabSupplyOutlaws.com recognizes that product sold to its customers may have been subjected or exposed to biohazardous material, radioisotopes, carcinogenic, mutagenic or other potentially hazardous substance or material. Therefore, it is imperative that you meet the following conditions to ensure the safety of LabSupplyOutlaws.com employees and non-employee incidental contact during shipping and handling. Autoclave, disinfect and clean all labware and equipment to minimize biohazards, radioactivity or other potential chemical hazards. Wipe down all items with alcohol, diluted bleach or a commercial disinfectant. Duly note prior exposure to any biohazard, radioactive or chemical hazard so that LabSupplyOutlaws.com can apply the appropriate handling measures. Your safety officer must supply a decontamination certificate stating compliance with these measures.

We cannot assume responsibility for patent infringements on items made to customer specifications. This publication shall neither be construed as recommending the infringement of any patent, nor extending any license, expressed or implied, nor assuming any liability under any issued or pending patent.

Product Return Policy

(a) All returns must be authorized by LabSupplyOutlaws.com in order to insure proper credit. Where credits will be issued to the Customer for authorized returns under $100, the Customer is not required to return the product to LabSupplyOutlaws.com. To ensure proper credit, each Product return must include the following information:

  • Customer Name and Address
  • Purchase Order Number
  • LabSupplyOutlaws.com Shipping Order Number
  • Date of Invoice
  • Catalog Number of Returned Item(s)
  • LabSupplyOutlaws.com Return Authorization Number
  • Reason for Return

(b) Products not authorized for return include:

  • Products not in completely resealable condition (including all packaging)
  • Open chemicals, diagnostics or any controlled products (unless products do not meet specification)
  • Refrigerated products or other perishables
  • Products purchased on a Special Order Basis
  • Products not purchased from LabSupplyOutlaws.com
  • Products with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale
  • Discontinued products

Restocking Fee

There will be a 15% restocking fee for all returned merchandise.

Defective Product 

If an item is defective, you must notify us within 30 days of placing your order. Also, you must e-mail website@labsupplyoutlaws.com with a full description and pictures of the defective product to warrant the claim. If a item is defective, we will issue a product refund. We do not refund your original shipping or return shipping charges.