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pH Natural 5.5 Nitrile Medical/Exam Grade Gloves

Brand: SW Gloves
    Model # Price Quantity
N12533 pH Natural 5.5 Nitrile Medical/Exam Grade Gloves $138.00
N125331 pH Natural 5.5, Size XS $138.00
N125332 pH Natural 5.5, Size S $138.00
N125333 pH Natural 5.5, Size M $138.00
N125334 pH Natural 5.5, Size L $138.00
N125335 pH Natural 5.5, Size XL $138.00
  • pH NaturalĘ inner coating balanced for optimal pH skin care
  • Powder-free, smooth interior surface for easy donning
  • Fully textured outer surface for a consistently secure grip
  • Ultra-soft nitrile formula for tactile sensivity and greater comfort

100 Gloves/Box; 10 Boxes/Case.

Restore Balance to your hands with pH NaturalĘ 5.5 examination gloves.

Human skin is protected from absorption of bacteria by maintaining a slightly acidic pH with a combination of free fatty acids, amino acids and lactic acid. Disrupting this delicate pH balance allows bacteria to damage the skin potentially causing irritation, dryness and blemishes. Our unique pH NaturalĘ gloves surround the hand with an optimized pH balanced coating to provide a more comfortable and nurturing environment for long-term glove use.

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