384-Well Optical Bottom Plates

    Model # Price Quantity
153615 384-Well Optical Bottom Plates $375.90
12-566-2 PLATE 384WELL OPTBTM BLK 30/CS $375.90
12-565-473 384WEL CELC OPTBTM BLK 30/CS $399.02
12-566-1 384WEL WH OPTBTM CELC ST 30/CS $411.90
12-565-355 PLATE 384WELL OPTBTM WHT 30/CS $420.61
12-566 384WL BLK POLYBTM CLC ST 30/CS $454.90
12-566-281 384 WELL PLT BLK GLSS BTM 30CS $1489.44
  • Polystyrene upper structure (available in black or white) with either a #1.5 cover glass or polystyrene base
  • Rounded-square wells provide maximum access for dispensers and readers
  • Working volume: 10 to 100μL
  • Choose nontreated plates for use in liquid phase or bead assays or cell culture-treated plates for cell-based assays

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