Multichannel Pipettes

At Lab Supply Outlaws you’ll find a great selection of discounted laboratory-grade multichannel pipettes and automatic pipettes to meet any sampling, transferring, liquid-handling, processing or testing need. Many different multichannel pipette designs accommodate your purpose, and our extensive selection of capacities, lengths and tip styles are all designed and manufactured to exceptionally rigid tolerances and standards for accuracy and precision. They offer unrivaled performance, precision, durability, and comfort, and are designed to handle/process varied sample sizes efficiently without risking sample integrity.

Multichannel pipettes precisely dispense multiple samples with each stroke, greatly increasing efficiency when transferring samples.

As a vital part of every biotechnology lab, our multichannel pipettes and automatic pipettes are made of a variety of contaminant-, temperature-, and chemical-resistant materials, are autoclave-safe, FDA-grade, available pre-sterilized in single- or bulk-packs, and meet your exacting needs.

When it comes to multichannel pipettes the right device is important to quick, safe and accurate samples handling and processing (especially drawing and dispensing liquids in controlled reproducible sizes), and that’s why Lab Supply Outlaws offers only the highest-quality products capable of meeting the needs of fast-paced modern lab work and any particular application—you’ll find it all here to keep your lab running reliably.

Our multichannel pipettes are offered at discount prices and in bulk, feature a money-back guarantee, and are made in the U.S.A. by high-quality manufacturers like Eppendorf, Wheaton, BrandTech, Globe Scientific, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, United Scientific Supplies, and other respected brands.

For questions about multichannel pipettes, automatic pipettes and pipette accessories or other products ask one of our knowledgeable experts by clicking "Ask the Lab Supply Experts" at the top of the page, or contact us at (440) 653-8151.