Mailers and Shippers

Lab Supply Outlaws provides a mailer and shipper category to offer a range of cardboard tubes of various sizes and packaging for slides and tubes.

As part of an expanding structure of global laboratories there is an ever growing need to be able to mail tests and samples not just from one local lab to another but from country to another. The mailing supplies play a pivotal role in providing a safe controlled environment by protecting them with appropriate packaging. The boxes must be able to keep the temperature at a constant temperature so they ar produced with insulation. The small boxes for test tubes are fitted with protective foam and are sturdy to keep he contents secure. Inserts are available for a selection of boxes for particular applications and to mail specific lap containers or articles. Some tube mailers can manage the bio-hazard disposal and are used to send tubular containers, articles or paper reports.

We carry other products also from leading lab suppliers and brands such as Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We aim to meet your lab needs regardless of size, budget, or industry. At Lab Supply Outlaws, we make it easy for you to equip your lab or office by purchasing lab supplies online. Lab Supply Outlaws are committed to supplying the best range of  products for all your lab needs. Questions about equipment, brands or products? Ask our lab supply experts.