Lab Bags

Our varied lab bags each meet different laboratory requirements and serve different functions, depending on the application and sensitivity of stored materials. When selecting lab bags itís important to know the materials used, the intended purpose or use, your environmental-control, chemical-resistance and space requirements, frequency of access, and your working conditions, storage/usage temperatures needed, security needs, toxicity concerns, type of seal or closure required, whether the bags will be used in autoclaves, etc.

Our lab bags and specimen bags are all lightweight and leak resistant, offered at discount prices, feature a money-back guarantee, and are made in the U.S.A. by high-quality manufacturers like Bel-Art Products, Thermo Scientific Nalgene, Dynalon, Corning, Fisher Scientific, Globe Scientific, and others.

Autoclave Bag Elastic Closures

Autoclave Bag Elastic Closures

Brand: Keener Rubber Company
Price: $12.90
Scienceware Poxygrid Desk Model Biohazard Bag Holder

Scienceware Poxygrid Desk Model Biohazard Bag Holder

Brand: Bel-Art Products
Price: $28.90

Specimen bags

Brand: Jencons
Price: $73.92
Walter Stern Rubber Gas Bags

Walter Stern Rubber Gas Bags

Brand: Walter Stern Inc
Price: $39.00