Fused Quartz Beakers

Fused Quartz beakers, glassware, and labware deliver the reliable performance, durability and long life you need.

Fused quartz or fused silica is glass produced by fusing (melting) high-purity natural silica sand, which consists of quartz crystals, in an electrically-fused or flame-fused process. Afterward, items appear transparent, translucent, or opaque–permitting creation of a wide range of products. Unlike traditional glass it contains no other ingredients (like those typically added to regular glass to lower the melt temperature). Fused quartz, therefore, has high working and melting temperatures and finds use in laboratory equipment, semiconductor fabrication, and precision mirror substrates.

High purity fused-quartz labware has many important advantages:

  • Optical and thermal properties superior to those of other glass types glass due to its purity.
  • Extremely low thermal expansion coefficient accounts for its thermal shock resistance – the remarkable ability to undergo large, rapid temperature changes over a wide range of temperatures without cracking or failure.
  • Very low trace element content, which allows lab work free of vessel-source leaching, permits bacteriological, microbiological and other laboratory work to run virtually free of vessel-source leaching contamination (avoiding spurious test results and costly test reruns.
  • Extreme hardness.
  • Resistance to high temperature.
  • High chemical purity.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Extensive optical transmission from ultraviolet to infrared – very efficient for transmission of infrared radiation and better ultraviolet transmission than most other glasses.
  • Excellent electrical insulation qualities.
  • Remarkable stability under atomic bombardment.
Tall Form Fused Quartz Beakers

Tall Form Fused Quartz Beakers

Brand: Fused Quartz
Price: $70.50