Dispenser Bins and Accessories 

Lab Supply Outlaws provides a dispenser category to offer a range of dispensers and bins to organize and manage your items and tape.

Dispensers are an important way to stay organized and be prepared with all the supplies nearby. The plastic dispensers come in different forms with a dispensing flap or just a complete opening for easy access. Other acrylic containers allow easy organization of gloves and wipes and come in standard size. A range of tape dispensers allow for easy use and cutting to have tape when you need it with little fuss. File drawers can have a big impact when arranged appropriately have a neat section can create a more effective area.

We carry other products also from leading lab suppliers and brands such as Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We aim to meet your lab needs regardless of size, budget, or industry. At Lab Supply Outlaws, we make it easy for you to equip your lab or office by purchasing lab supplies online. Lab Supply Outlaws are committed to supplying the best range of  products for all your lab needs. Questions about equipment, brands or products? Ask our lab supply experts.