Dewar Flasks

At Lab Supply Outlaws you’ll find a big selection of discounted laboratory-grade Dewar flasks, volumetric flasks, distilling flasks, filter flasks, and lab flasks to meet any liquid- or liquid-nitrogen-handling, precise dilution, preparation of standard solutions, sampling, transferring, processing or testing need. Our extensive selection of Dewar flask designs, styles, and capacities accommodate your purpose, and are all designed to the most rigorous standards for accuracy, precision, efficiency and safety in handling and processing samples, including Class A tolerances and ASTM specifications.

Our Dewar lab flasks are made of a variety of contaminant-, temperature-, mechanical-shock- and chemical-resistant materials. They are autoclave-safe, FDA-grade, available pre-sterilized in single- or bulk-packs, and meet your exacting needs.

Dewar flasks also feature double-walled boroscilicate glass, and are vacuum pumped and silvered to ensure efficient storage, accommodate transport and use of liquid nitrogen and dry-ice, and feature vented lids and lid clamps. And they’re available in cylindrical, narrow-mouth, hemispherical, or convenient low-form shallow styles, or extended-base and handle versions in popular sizes to match standard flask sizes.

Available in glass, fused quartz and three primary plastics (high-density polyethylene (hdpe), polypropylene, polystyrene), our Dewar flasks are insulating storage vessels designed for long life and maximum safety and are ideal for temporary storage of Liquid Nitrogen in laboratory settings, and for other processes like solution mixing, heating, cooling, dissolving, precipitation, distillation, or analysis.

Using the right Dewar flasks, volumetric flasks, distilling flasks, and filter flasks is important to quick, safe and accurate material and substance handling and processing. Lab Supply Outlaws offers only the highest-quality products capable of meeting the needs of fast-paced modern lab work and any particular application—you’ll find it all here to keep your lab running reliably.

We offer all our Dewar flasks at discount prices and in bulk, with a money-back guarantee. And they’re all made in the U.S.A. by high-quality manufacturers like Kimble Chase, Wilmad LabGlass, Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific, United Scientific Supplies, and other respected brands.

For questions about lab flasks, flask accessories (stoppers, caps) or other products ask one of our knowledgeable experts by clicking "Ask the Lab Supply Experts" at the top of the page, or contact us at (440) 653-8151.

Spherical Dewar Flask

Spherical Dewar Flask

Brand: Pope Scientific Inc
Price: $934.01