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Color-Q pH 5.5

Brand: SW Gloves
    Model # Price Quantity
N08537 Color-Q pH 5.5 $156.00
N085371 Color-Q pH 5.5, Size XS $156.00
N085372 Color-Q pH 5.5, Size S $156.00
N085373 Color-Q pH 5.5, Size M $156.00
N085374 Color-Q pH 5.5, Size L $156.00
N085375 Color-Q pH 5.5, Size XL $156.00

After removal, the contrasting interior color clearly indicates the glove has been worn and should not be reused. Our specially formulated soft nitrile material combines the comfort and flexibility of latex with durability and chemical resistance of nitrile for an unmatched donning experience and protection you can rely on. Guard your employees and your customers against bodily fluids, hazardous chemicals, and adverse reactions without sacrificing precious time.

pH Natural 5.5 Gloves are the best environment for your hands. A pH 5.5 balanced inner coating revives your natural defenses and helps prevent skin irritation. Our innovative nitrile formula maximizes tactile sensitivity and reduces hand fatigue.

100 Gloves/Box; 10 Boxes/Case.

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