BD Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes

Constructed of optically clear polystyrene for easy viewing of sample. Corning Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes are widely used and referenced in laboratory protocols.

Brand: Corning
    Model # Price Quantity
196920 BD Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes $148.92
14-959-5 Without cap; O.D.. x L: 12 x 75mm; Nonsterile; Bulk pack $148.92
14-959-6 5ML TBE PS12X75STR 1000CS $179.20
14-959-1A 5MLTBE PS12X75STRSNAP 500CS $179.90
14-959A 5MLTBE PS12X75STSNP 500CS $184.98
14-959-1B 14MLTBE PS 17X100 ST SNAP500CS $192.51
14-959-8 14MLTBE PS17X100STR 1000CS $214.81
14-959B TUBE STR 100X17 W/CAP 500/CS $221.15
14-959-2A 5ML TB PS/12X75/STR/SNP 1000CS $291.52
14-959-42 TUBE 16X125 SCRW CAP 500/CS $315.78
14-959-40B 19MLTBE PS16X150STSCRW500CS $347.40
14-959-7 14MLTBE PS17X100STSNP1000CS $347.51
14-959-38C 8MLTBE PS13X100STSCRW1000CS $484.04
14-959-38B 16MLTBE PS16X125STSCRW1000CS $587.15

BD Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes are versatile test tubes that are widely used in a variety of laboratory applications. These lab tubes are uniform in design, and are manufactured with laboratory standards and specifications, making it widely referenced throughout published protocols and procedures. The test tubes are made with optically clear polystyrene, which makes the viewing of samples easy and simple. They provide consistent results time and time again, making it a reliable and reputable product.

BD Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes Features:

  • Made with biologically inert materials
  • Sterile tubs that have undergone gamma irradiation processing
  • With or without durable caps
  • Round bottom tubes
  • RNase/DNase-free
  • Polyethylene dual position snap-cap offer both vented and fully closed positions prevents sample loss with ease of handling

BD Falcon Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes Specifications:

  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Description: 1400 x G
  • Shape: Round-bottom
  • Disposable: Yes
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