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Lab Supply Outlaws offers a Balance Equipment category, providing a range of balance machines as well as accessories to support you with this equipment.

Balancing category offer a number of different balance categories. The first is a general collaborated balance machine. We have a selection of analytical balances. We have a large selection of weighs as well as accessories balances and weights. We provide a range of printing equipment and weighing dishes.

General Collaborated Balances are powerful devices able to calculate and manage a number of samples with precision and ease with a number of preselected settings.  The machines are able to measure at very small quantities from once to grains to milligrams

Analytical Balances while still able to measure these small amounts, the balances are able to measure Specific Gravity and Mass unit conversions providing a much more powerful device.

Many of the Balance and Weighing Accessories are covers and chambers that protect samples from the elements. All the balances provide a quick balance reading and a number of controls to make sure the balance does not shake or move to mitigate any possible loss from a specific measure of the sample. Other accessories include parts for the balance printers and analytical software.

The Weights are used as analytical reference weights to recalibrate balances. The Balance Dishes come in different sizes and shapes to enable different samples and amounts to be weighed.

We carry products from leading lab suppliers and brands such as Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We aim to meet your lab needs regardless of size, budget, or industry. At Lab Supply Outlaws, we make it easy for you to equip your lab or office by purchasing lab equipment online. Questions about equipment, brands or products? Ask our lab supply experts. 
Infrared Moisture Analyzer Glass Fiber Sample Pads

Infrared Moisture Analyzer Glass Fiber Sample Pads

Brand: Denver Instruments
Price: $62.65

LocalCAN T-Junction Cable

Brand: Mettler Toledo
Price: $89.69
OIML Class M<sub>2</sub> Weight Sets

OIML Class M2 Weight Sets

Brand: Troemner
Price: $58.68
SF42 Impact Printer

SF42 Impact Printer

Brand: Ohaus Scale Corporation
Price: $497.90