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Autoradiography Cassettes, Screens and Film 

Lab supply Outlaws provides Autoradiography Supplies offering materials  to take x-ray film or nuclear emulsion.  Autoradiograph film produces images by the pattern of decay emissions from a distribution of a radioactive substance. In molecular biology, this technique may be used to detect a radioactive material introduced into a metabolic pathway, bound to a receptor or enzyme, or hybridized to a nucleic acid. Autoradiography film demonstrates considerable sharpness and resolution, extremely low backgrounds, publishing-grade results, manual or automatic development, consistently superior results for exposure of blotting experiments, and sharp and clear results We carry other products  also from leading lab suppliers and brands such as Fisher Scientific and VWR Scientific. We aim to meet your lab needs regardless of size, budget, or industry.  Questions about equipment, brands or products? Ask our lab supply experts. 
TranScreen HE Autoradiography Intensifying Screens

TranScreen HE Autoradiography Intensifying Screens

Brand: Carestream Health Inc
Price: $446.44