Lab Supply Outlaws supplies labs across the country with tubes, containers, funnels and general consumables as well as gas and gas accessories.


offers you the same names you trust such as Fisher Scientific, VWR Labs and lab suppliers, at a fraction of what you are paying. And with hundreds of thousands of discounted lab supplies and lab equipment available, you are sure to find everything you need to outfit your laboratory. From gloves and pipettes to chemicals, vials and safety equipment, LabSupplyOutlaws.com is committed to providing you with quality lab supplies from such trusted names as Fisher Scientific and VWR; all at the lowest possible price.


Lab Supply Outlaws has assembled a fantastic selection of magnetic stir bars to fit any magnetic stirrer application - all offered at discount prices with a money-back guarantee.
Lab Containers

Lab Containers

We carry lab containers for all your laboratory needs. Lab Supply Outlaws supplies labs across the country with containers, beakers, bottles, volumetrics and carboys.

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Lab Supply Outlaws - Outlaws in Price, Selection and Service

  • Are you paying extra for your science and lab products for a salesperson to call on you?
  • Are you paying extra for your science and lab products by going through multiple layers of distribution?
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Science and Lab industry has been stuck in the traditional selling methods.

Sales reps call on your company, present you with huge 800 page catalogs, some even take the time to wine and dine you, prepare a quote for you for the items that you buy regardless of the sales rep contacts you or not! They take your orders in-person or over the phone and then they enter them into an enterprise-wide accounting system. This entire multi-layered, slow, selling process costs you money and time and therefore you are PAYING FOR IT!

This traditional selling process is COSTING your company thousands of dollars!


Enter Lab Supply Outlaws! Through disruptive e-commerce technology and direct manufacturer relationships, we are able to sell you the same exact Science and Lab products that you have been ordering through your suppliers, but at lower prices, with FREE shipping and faster delivery times! No more waiting and talking with sales people, waiting on quotes, and then having them place your order!

You can do it all on your own using our cutting-edge and robust e-commerce website. What are you waiting for! Start saving time and money now! The time you save ordering with us will translate into a direct savings for your company!

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