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About LabSupplyOutlaws.com

LabSupplyOutlaws.com offers a wide selection of discounted lab supplies and lab equipment online which include Pipettes, Pipette Tips, Latex Gloves, Petri Dishes, Agar Plates, Beakers, Disinfectant Cleaners, Vials, Tubes and every lab product that you will need to equip your lab or office!

LabSupplyOutlaws.com is a laboratory supply and laboratory equipment company that offers discounted lab supplies and lab equipment for all labs including science, medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical labs.  Through our leading lab suppliers such as  Fisher Scientific, VWR Scientific and our own branded lab products, we are very confident that our lab supplies, lab safety items, and lab equipment can meet the needs of all labs, regardless of size, budget, or industry, with the convenience and simplicity of our e-commerce site- www.labsupplyoutlaws.com.

Through our e-commerce site - LabSupplyOutlaws.com, you can save up to 50% on lab supplies and lab equipment. No need to shop around for lab supplies and lab equipment, it's all here at www.labsupplyoutlaws.com.

Not only does LabSupplyOutlaws.com have the most competitive prices on lab supplies and lab equipment, but we also offer outstanding customer service. With a team of a skilled and knowledgeable staff, we are able to help you with the most intricate technical questions.

Some of the lab supplies and lab equipment we carry:

Lab Equipment:

Our lab equipment selection includes Ampules, Balances, Centrifuges, Desiccators, Hot Plates, Pipetters, Ovens, Sieves, Microscopes, Safety Cabinets, Eyewash - Showers, Lab Data  Management Software and much more to equip your lab or office. 

Lab Supplies: 

Our lab supplies selection includes Lab Apparel, Agar Plates, Beakers, Nalgene Bottles, Bell Jars, Bench Protectors, Burets, Disinfectant Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray, Latex Gloves, Latex Free Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Exam Gloves and Disposable Gloves, Micro Plates, Petri Dishes, Pipettes, Pipette Tips, Syringes, Vials, and much more to equip your lab or office.

Lab Essentials:

Our lab essential selection includes Forceps, Spatulas, Beakers, Microplates, Pipettes, Centrifuge Tubes, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Microscopes Accessories, Magnifiers, Syringes, Specimen Bags, Cell Culture Lab Supplies, and much more to equip your lab or office.

Lab Essentials: Plasticware. High quality lab essentials.  

  • Our lab supply products are manufactured using high grade optical quality polyethylene or clear polyethylene, for superior resistance to chemicals.
  • Our lab supply products undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the top quality disposables reach your laboratory bench.
  • We offer some of the most competitive process on laboratory disposables, which have been our bestsellers for many years. In addition to our line of disposables, we carry plasticware from all the brand names you have come to trust.

Lab Essentials: Glassware

  • LabSupplyOutlaws.com works with a consortium of several specialty glass companies involved in the manufacturing of laboratory glassware, precision bore tubing, and custom precision, high tech glass components.
  • Together, LabSupplyOutlaws.com and our suppliers have considerable expertise in glass and quartz manufacturing, working with all types of raw glass including borosilicates, soda lime, and flint glass.
  • In addition to custom development capabilities, LabSupplyOutlaws.com has all the essential laboratory glassware to meet any need. We offer cuvettes, flasks, beakers, pipettes, vials, tubes and dishes from such name brands as Kimble, Corning, and Wilmad. We also have our own line of economical glassware for even greater savings.

Cell Culture Media Lab Supplies:

Our cell culture media lab supplies includes Plate Racks, Petri Dishes, Petri Dish Stands, Dehydrated Agar, Blood Plates, Agar Bottles, Agar Slants. Agar Plates, Potato Dextrose Agar Plates, and much more to equip your lab or office. 

Cell Culture Media and Supplies. High value cell culture products:

  • Fresh, quality culture media delivered promptly.
  • Culture media products, with a long history of servicing the culture media industry.
  • Dehydrated media and microbiological supplies.
  • Standard agars, prepared in petri dishes, slants, and bottles, as well as custom formulations.
  • Culture media products are ideal for a number of applications, including food and water testing, environmental monitoring, microbial limits and sterility testing.

Lab Safety Supplies:

Our lab safety supplies includes Lab Apparel, Aprons and Sleeves, Coveralls, Facemasks, General Purpose Disposable Apparel, General Purpose Reusable Apparel, Gowns, Lab Coats and Jackets, Smocks, Decontaminants and Disinfectants, Detergents and Cleaners, Eye Protection, Eyewash Stations, Protective Coverings, Respirators, Skin Cleansers and Protection Products, Soaps and Sanitizers, Swabs and Applicators, Table Liners, and much more to equip your lab or office.


Lab Safety-Protective Covering. High quality protective covering:

  • LabSupplyOutlaws.com offers protective clothing for a wide variety of uses from lab coats to bouffant caps to goggles and more.
  • Shop our selection. Many products feature extended size ranges for proper fit.
  • Protective coverings are worn over clothing.
  • We carry the top manufacturers for protective coverings in the nation, ensuring the quality of the items that are meant to keep you safe.

Gloves (For Labs):

Our wide selection of of gloves include Chemical Resistant Gloves, Controlled Environment Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Dry Box Gloves, Exam Gloves, General Purpose Lab Gloves, Latex Free Gloves, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Specialty Gloves, and Temperature Resistant Gloves.

Lab Gloves. Top quality and high value lab gloves: 

  • Top quality glove brands for your protection.
  • Comprehensive catalog of nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, rubber gloves, and cotton blend work gloves cover all your protection needs.
  • Wide variety of gloves from the thinnest laboratory safe gloves for increased dexterity to the thickest, heavy duty industrial gloves on the market.
  • All gloves available in box or case quantities for your convenience.


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