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Millipore* Sterifil* 47mm Aseptic Vacuum Filter System and Holder

Brand: Fisher Scientific
    Model # Price Quantity
109483 Millipore* Sterifil* 47mm Aseptic Vacuum Filter System and Holder $0.00
XX11-047-00 Vacuum Filter System $0.00
  • Protects sample and filtrate from environmental contamination
  • Capacity: 250mL (funnel and receiver flask)
  • Holder and funnel available separately (without receiver flask and cover) to use with standard 1L vacuum filtering flask or multiple-place manifold
  • Polysulfone funnel, funnel cover, receiver flask and cover
  • Polypropylene holder base and filter support screen
  • Silicone stopper and O-ring

Adapters for Round-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

Brand: Kimble Chase Kontes
Price: $27.03

Balance Accessories

Brand: Mettler Toledo Inc
Price: $36.98

Cahn* Balance Aluminum Sample Containers

Brand: Thermo Sci Neslab
Price: $63.63

Disposable Graduated Transfer Pipet

Brand: Fisher Scientific
Price: $37.49

Fisherbrand Sterile Plastic Applicators with Cotton Tips

Brand: Fisher Scientific
Price: $164.93

Fisherbrand™ Two-Hole Rubber Stoppers

Brand: Fisher Scientific
Price: $27.25

Handheld Refractometers

Brand: Fisher Scientific
Price: $162.72

High-Density Polyethylene Jars, Bottles, and Packers

Brand: Thermo Sci Ichem
Price: $58.57
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